Good Afternoon Interstate Ministries. This is your Pastor Bishop Terence Jenkins. 


First, you should be proud to know that in just two months, Nielsen's Ratings has rated Gospel Awakening the most watched television show of all Sunday morning shows on WITN-2.  Thank you Interstate for trusting in the vision that God has given me for this house.  It has been your prayers and financial contributions that has afforded Gospel Awakening such an award winning status.


Next, this past Sunday, we had close to 25 people Zoomed into our 9am Sunday  School and I'm expecting those numbers to continue to grow.  Make sure you check your emails as we are sending you messages on where and how to log in, on how to install if you have not already installed the zoom app, and to retrieve the Meeting ID Number for each meeting that we have.  Now pay close attention to this, check your texts messages and emails before every zoom meeting because neither the ID number or meeting address will ever be the same.  You may also go to the church's website calendar, click on the date of any of our church meetings, and retrieve the most up-to-date Zoom Meeting Information.


Our Witness Service will begin on Zoom on tomorrow March 31, 2020 at 7pm sharp!  Sunday School will continue every Sunday from 9am till 9:45am then there will be a 15 minute break.  After the break, your very own pastor will be breaking the bread of life for the congregation.  I will begin at 10am and should be done between 10:30am and 10:45am. 


Please, please, please download this app on to your phones or computer right now.  If you do not want to download the app then you may simply call in and listen in as a conference call.  Chime in at least 15 minutes before all services begin because we will not be handling technical situations while we are in service.


If you have questions, there is a host of us that you can call or email to help you begin to test  this system on your device before services begin.


Finally, if they are available, I'm looking for your sons and your daughters in fact, the entire family and community to be a part of what we are doing!  Share this information with everybody you know from anywhere, as I'm looking for a packed house from your house.


For more information on this or if you know of a member of the church who is not getting these one call messages please call Sis. Cater at 919-418-7992 or email us at


God Bless You Interstate, See You On Zoom!

Pastor Jenkins